Santa Richard

Naturally bearded Santa Richard - Have Santas Will TravelI have always had a way with children, probably because I never really out grew being a child myself.  My love of children is one reason why I started considering becoming Santa.  But it’s not that easy.  You can’t become a Santa just because you’re a big guy with a big beard – it takes much more – it’s a labor of love.

It all started when I borrowed a very nice Santa suit from a very dear friend and mentor.  I had some pictures taken and  sent out my Santa resume.  I also bleached my hair for the first time.  What a scary experience!  Suddenly I really did look like Santa.  Now, children and adults always stop me when I’m shopping or out and about.  Being Santa is the most fun I ever had in my life!

The look of surprise and wonder in a child’s eyes and face, not to mention the grownups watching them – it all keeps the tradition and the magic alive and real.  I now plan on being Santa 365 days a year.  Being Santa does something to your heart and soul.