Naturally bearded Santa Howard in front of fireplace - Have Santas Will TravelHave Santas Will Travel strives to make you feel the real essence of Christmas. Whether you’re young or just young at heart you will get the chance to interact with a real Santa. Expect the services they offer are what you remember as a child and give you the great joy and happiness of the Christmas season.

Parties/Sittings with Santa

This is one of the Premier offerings at Have Santas Will Travel. We believe that every child should be able to sit on Santa lap and at what better place then your own party. This gives Santa the opportunity to work with that child that may be scared of him. Sometime all it takes is a little conversation and time to produce that moment the you want on film.

Reading with Santa

Reading with Santa is a great way for children to reflect with the big man in red. To have your child sit in front of the head elf while he reads a Christmas story that you heard when you were young can take you back to your childhood and the memories of Christmas’ past. This can be performed at your individual party or at a large event.

Hospital Visits

Hospitalized children are always on our minds especially during the Christmas Season. Whether it is a charity or an individual who wants to share Santa with these children, we are there. We try to take their minds off the daily worries and talk with them about the season.

Store Engagements

Store engagements are a specialty that we offer. We do not like taking away from a Mall Santa but if you have a business that you would like Santa to meet and greet all your shoppers as well as handing out goodies provided by you this is a unique and spirited way to do it. You can also become creative and offer “Pictures with Santa”. You won’t be disappointed.

Photo Sittings

If you are a professional photographer or a hobbyist, we offer Santa for your picture taking needs. Whether it’s indoors or out offering a Santa will only add to your schedule.

Meals with Santa

We are also available to participate in Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or Donuts with Santa. We can bring some excitement to the event as no other can.